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For university students

KIKAI Institute for Coral Reef Sciences is Japan’s only research institution specialized for the researches of coral reefs. It is located in Kikaijima, one of the rarest islands in this world made up of uplifting coral reefs. Holding up an ideal “preserving our achievements for 100 years later”, we engage ourselves in activities of compiling the raw climate data for the future generations to use for analyzing climate changes on a global-scale basis and for predicting the future.

For the sustainable development of the natural sciences in the future, we aim to cultivate leaders in the future generations. Additionally, we function as a platform to connect the coral reefs and the society, providing researchers and promoters of sciences with opportunities for education and science promotion.

Our Activities

We engage ourselves in activities for preserving coral reefs on a local basis and for educating various classes of people – children, students, undergraduates, graduates, and adults – on cutting-edge coral reef sciences. Furthermore, we offer children across Japan with various means of researching and studying in “Sangojuku” (Coral research experience program), by inviting them to inhabit on the island (“StudyAway program”) or by distributing webinars online.

Internship program

For those who desire to participate in our internship program, we expect you to help us organize and run “Sangojuku,” assisting children with conducting their researches and preparing textbooks and study materials. You will also participate in arranging and holding events to promote sciences and preserve the environment on the island. In the future, we intend to expand our activities to other reefing areas overseas, so we welcome especially those who have or wish to have international experience.

People we are looking for

Detailed information

・Recruiting divisions

Educational Division

・Job description

Helping us organize and run educational projects and events and preparing textbooks and other study materials. Specific tasks include but are not limited to:

・Working conditions

Participants are expected to work six hours a day and five days a week. We offer you an accommodation during your stay in Kikaijima.

・Work place

KIKAI Institute for Coral Reef Sciences

1508 Oazashiomichi, Kikaicho, Oshimagun, Kagoshima Pref. JAPAN 8916151


1/2~1 months starting on or after Sept. 1, 2020


None. Students majoring in any fields are welcome.

・Maximum number of participants

5~10 people

・Screening process

We carefully select participants from the candidates, by reviewing their application documents and interviewing them.

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KIKAI Institute for Coral Reef Sciences