For next 100 years

KIKAI Institute for Coral Reef Sciences was founded in 2014 on a Japanese island named Kikaijima. Its purpose is to develop and promote natural sciences by researching on the ocean, geology, and life.

Communicate our messages to the rest of the world

The institute boasts a unique status as one of the world’s rarest research institutions in the world, specializing exclusively in the study of coral reefs. In recognition of this uniqueness as our strength, we aim to function as the flagship institution in the Northern Pacific by collecting and preserving primary scientific data for the future generations to analyze global climate change and predict the future.

Cultivate global leaders in future generations

We aim to contribute to the continuous development of natural sciences by developing future scientists, educators, and leaders and preserving academic value specimens.

Provide the platform for connecting natural sciences and the community

We aim to provide the platform for scientists and citizens in Kikaijima to research, educate future generations, and promote sciences.